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Fearless Life Outdoors

Hunting & Fishing

"Leading a Fearless Life, to me, means accepting risk of all kinds and living life to the fullest anyway." Seizing opportunities and rolling the dice in a measured, thoughtful way. Reveling in building adrenaline fueled memories all within the bounds of physical capacity and wisdom. Learn from Fear, Use Fear, But Never Retreat From Fear."


– Kerry B.

"Leading a Fearless Life to me means finding that one thing that you are truly passionate about and giving it your heart, soul, and body until you have accomplished your goal or have nothing left to give. Accept diversity. Accept hardship. Be defiant in defeat. Never give up. Never give in. Be humble in victory. Many live for nothing. Few live for a true purpose. Lead a Fearless Life and be one of the few."


– John M.

"I know I will achieve anything I desire, if I truly believe in what I'm doing and work hard enough to earn it. It means sticking to my guns and not giving In when I know what I am doing is honest and preserves the dignity of those around me. It means living my authentic life and making no apologies for it."

– Stacey W.

"To me it's taking risks when you dont know if you will succeed. I quit a full time job to pursue a fitness career not knowing if I would sink or swim. So i think just following your dreams and not doubting yourself..."

– Kayla B.

"A fearless life to me is seeking out challenges and overcoming them. Attacking the hurdles of life and moving forward despite the struggle. Being fearless is about responding to adversity with confidence and seizing the moment."

– Brian J.

"Leading a fearless life to me means boldly moving in the direction of your dreams no matter the obstacles you face. Having the courage to successfully and courageously stand for something."

– Desirae L.

"Leading a fearless life is about taking advantage of our everyday life and living it to the fullest. What is life without a little bit of adventure along the way?"

– Mo W.

"Living without fear requires you to live outside your comfort zone. Challenge yourself relentlessly, aspire to a higher purpose, and take every opportunity to explore and learn."

– Heidi P.

"Leading a fearless life means having no bounds. No limits. Everyone desires such a life, but few have the committment to lead it."

– Devin F.

"Leading a fearless life to me means letting your courage be more powerfull than your fear and perservering through all hardships."

– Abigail F.

"Leading a fearless life to me is all about living life to the max, taking every opportunity you can, and living the way you desire, not the way society dictates."

– Neil D.

What is Fearless Life Outdoors?

My name is John Martin and I am a native Texan. Fearless Life Outdoors is a platform to showcase my hunting and fishing adventures here in my home state of Texas as well as across the world. It is an idea, Fear Less. Live More. It is also a challenge to the normal guy that anyone can do what I do. Pick a place on the map, buy a tag, and go figure it out. My dream is to hunt, fish, and explore the wildest, harshest, and most remote corners of the world as my career. I am passionately driven to challenge nature and go where others have never gone. I embrace the predator nature of my being and refuse defeat in the face of adversity. I stand for conservation of our natural resources/species and hope to promote ethical hunting in future generations to come. Follow along as I take on nature in its wildest form and showcase this amazing environment we call Earth. Fear Less. Live More.


 – John Martin

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